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Adopt a Pet in Beaumont, TX

There is no greater feeling than adopting a pet – and we have plenty to choose from. Young or old, large or small, your new family member is waiting for you at HSSET!

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Because HSSET is dedicated to providing our animals with the best healthcare we can while they are in our care. Every animal admitted to us is given their basic vaccinations, multiple veterinary exams, treatment for any easily curable disease they may have arrived with, and are spayed or neutered before leaving our custody. We monitor animal health every day, and keep the facility as clean as we realistically can.

Despite this, we work to keep the adoption fee as low as we can–which means relying heavily on donors to provide the difference. But it also means an incentive to adopt from a shelter. Not only will you receive the lifetime of love a pet provides, but by adopting from HSSET you cut down dramatically on the starting costs all pets incur. The price points listed above are based on an average cost at your local veterinarian, and could range even higher if you choose to adopt from a breeder or pet store who does not provide any of these services.

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