4 Pet Safety Tips for Easter

For many, Easter is full of fun holiday celebrations and traditions. While we love for our pets to get in on all the action, there are steps every pet parent should take to keep their pet safe this Easter. 

Here are four tips on things to avoid:

Keep them away from human treats. 

The egg hunt is our favorite part of Easter and your pet probably wishes they can get in on the fun. Be sure to keep your pet away from any Easter treats they shouldn’t get ahold of. Instead, keep them away from danger and entertained with a pet safe long lasting bone or chewy instead. 

Watch for plants!

Traditional Easter plants like lilies and tulips are highly toxic to pets! Be careful to avoid these in bouquets and plants.

Resist buying pets as Easter gifts.

While bunnies and chicks are cute, they require a lot of commitment just like any other pet. After Easter, a lot of these animals end up in shelters or being dumped in the wild, where they aren’t able to fend for themselves.

Careful of decor!

Who doesn’t love a good Easter decoration? While these items are great for the house, they aren’t all great for our pets. Things like plastic grass, eggs, and candy wrappers can prove dangerous to pets if ingested. Be sure to keep your furry friends far away. 

With these tips in mind, feel free to hunt away this Easter and eat all the human treats your heart desires!