We have broken ground and began construction on our new facility that will increase the quality of life of our shelter pets while in our care and help us save more lives!
Our new facility will feature housing kennels with indoor and outdoor access for the dogs. We will be adding more yards for outside playtime enjoyment. We will also be adding a walking trail so volunteers can take the dogs on a nice little walk to stretch their legs. There will also be a grooming station for dogs who come to us in poor condition to have a ‘spa day’.
Our cats living quarters will also be upgraded! We will have multiple ‘catios’, large rooms with lots of cat trees and a view to the outside world for natural light and bird watching. For cats who prefer to be the only cat our cat kennels will also be larger, giving the kitties more space. We will also be hosting events such as Yoga with Cats and Cat Cafe’s!
We appreciate the continued support from the community and look forward to new beginnings and a fresh new start!