New to HSSET…. ‘Shelter Buddies Reading Program.’

This program is open to everyone 6 years and up. Children (and kids at heart) will read to our shelter pets. ‘Shelter Buddies Reading Program’ was created by the Humane Society of Missouri.

They are so passionate about this program they graciously share it.

The Reading Program is mutually beneficial for children and shelter pets alike. Research shows children who read aloud to dogs for 10-15 minutes per week increased their reading proficiency by 12%. Children who are reported feeling “self-conscious, clumsy, and uncomfortable” when reading aloud are stated to feel“happiness and safety”when reading in the presence of a dog. 70% of children talk to, and confide in animals. Children who have difficulty relating to other people often show greater self-confidence around pets. Fearful and shy dogs that are read to become more comfortable with people because there is no forced interaction. They learn to come to the front of the kennel to greet potential adopters. Dogs that are comfortable engaging visitors are adopted quicker. Quicker adoptions help with their well being and provides more room for additional homeless dogs needing help. If interested in helping these children make a positive impact in shelter pets call HSSET at 409-833-0504. We are seeking adults interested in teaching the orientation class, quilting reading mats, and the donation of a boo case and animal books.