Ready to grow your family by four paws? Here’s how.

You’ve decided you are ready for the big step of expanding your family by four paws – but now what? We’re here to help! Below is the Humane Society of SETX’s adoption process in just three easy steps.

  1. Fill out an adoption application by visiting HSSET’s website – The application will prompt you for your contact information and will inquire about lifestyle details such as housing, activity levels, kids and pets, etc. 

Already have an eye on a furry friend? You’ll also be able to list the animal(s) you are interested in adopting!

How do we pick which animal goes home with which family? The adoption process doesn’t operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instead, if there’s an animal with a lot of interest, we’ll pick the applications that are best suited to the animal. 

Don’t worry though – our staff is great about pairing animals with their human counterparts. There are plenty of animals to choose from at HSSET & we’ll find the perfect family member for you!

     2. Next, we’ll give you a call to set up a Meet and Greet! Here, you can bring kids and other pets who are in the home to make sure your new furry companion is a good match.

     3. Once you find your perfect pet, all that is left is to pay the adoption fee and take home your new pal to live happily fur-ever.

Curious what the adoption fee goes toward? Adoption fees vary based on age and breed. They help cover the health care available while the animals are at HSSET’s shelter. This includes vaccinations, microchips, spay or neuter surgery, heartworm tests, and monthly flea and heartworm prevention. In just three simple steps, you’re ready to receive the lifetime of love a pet provides! So what are you waiting for? Apply here.