So… When is HSSET Building a New Shelter?

The short answer is we do not have a timeframe set yet. We recognize the fact this may be discouraging and confusing to our faithful donors. Please allow us to explain. As most everyone knows, March 2016, HSSET tragically lost 74 little lives and the facility due to a fire. Within a few months a temporary facility was established so we could continue saving lives. Fundraising was ramped up at this time, as a new shelter was now not just a dream, but a necessity. Capital Campaigns usually run for years as it takes millions of dollars to build a new facility. Many kind hearted people donated and we could see our dream just within our grasp.Then August 2017 the destruction of Hurricane Harvey hit. This forced HSSET to go back to the drawing board for our new facility. Not only did the floodwaters make it into our temporary shelter, but it also submerged the property site for the future shelter under seven feet of water. In order to ensure we are using the donated funds appropriately HSSET has hired an independent company to do a feasibility study on both the future land and our current property. It is crucial we build on a site that is easily accessible during emergencies in order to provide our animals care and safety. The feasibility study is expected to be completed soon. We will then be able to make a decision on where to build. That will dictate what type of structure will be needed and the estimated cost associated with it.

At the close of FY 2018 the restricted funds for the new building holds $3,227,741 and will remain there for the future build. Any pledges pending construction are being held in investment accounts and will be spent solely for the donor-intended purpose of building a new HSSET shelter. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you all for your support.