Surrender an Animal



We are here to help find forever homes for stray animals as well as owner surrendered animals.

We are not an open intake facility. All intakes are scheduled by appointment and appointments are made based on open kennel availability. We are a no kill rescue and our space directly depends on adoptions. We do not euthanatize any of our shelter animals to make space for new animals needing to be surrendered. Because of this, the majority of the time we will not be able to assist you immediately. Please keep this in mind when choosing to attempt to surrender an animal to us.

Surrender forms are required for all animals coming through our doors, be it a stray surrender or an owner surrender. Before filling out the surrender form, please understand that we have a limited number of kennels and cages in which to house cats and dogs. In order to provide those animals in our care with the best chance of being adopted, we are limited in the number of animals we can accept. If we cannot accept your pet, please review the resources and options we have listed below. We also offer resources such as behavioral training, low cost medical resources, and a food program if you are going through a difficult economic time and are unable to feed your pet.



Where to begin?

We are a nonprofit organization run by a small staff and volunteers. We receive no money from any government entity. Some participation on your part is required during the process; however, we offer some positive alternatives to city shelters that may have a high euthanasia rate.

BEFORE filling out the surrender form, please read over some of the options and help we offer:

Contact our staff dog trainer!

We encourage you to contact our on staff dog trainer, BreeAna Porter, for advice and training to potentially keep the pet in the home. We love to see pets and families stay together if at all possible and will help to facilitate this. BreeAna can be reached by email at or by phone at (409) 833-0504.

Foster your pet until adoption!

If you have the capability, we encourage you to foster the pet until HSSET has space available or until the pet is adopted. By taking this route, the animal will stay in your home and not face the sometimes stressful life of living in a shelter. Your pet will also receive any basic vaccinations he/she needs, have its photo and information posted on on our website, and you and your pet will have access to all adoption events attended by potential adopters! By opening up your heart and home to this option, you are truly saving a life.

So You Found a Stray Animal, What Next?

If you have found a stray animal, there are a couple of steps you can take to make sure the animal is returned to it’s owner. First, bring the animal to your veterinarian or the Humane Society where they will be scanned for a microchip. This does not mean HSSET can accept the animal, but can assist you in locating the family. The next step we highly recommend is posting a photo of the pet to the Facebook pages “Lost and Found Pets of SE Texas,” and your local animal control. And finally, complete a stray surrender form for the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

Other Organizations

Southeast Texas has a wonderful group of animal advocates and organizations. Such organizations include:

Rescue Groups

Beaumont Pets Alive, contact through Facebook
Pups in Peril, contact through Facebook
BFF Pet Adoption, contact through Facebook
BFFs – Best Fur Friends Rescue, contact through Facebook
Houston Humane Society, (713) 433-6421
CAP Animal Shelter Houston, (281) 497-0591
Houston SPCA, (713) 869-7722
Austin Pets Alive,
Austin Humane Society, (512) 646-7387

Your Local Animal Control

Beaumont: 311 (and ask for animal control) or 409-880-3794
Bridge City: 409-735-8898
Groves: 409-962-4471
Jasper: 409-381-8488
Lumberton: 409-755-2650
Nederland: 409-722-4965 or 409-723-1516
Orange: 409-883-1056
West Orange: 409-883-3468 or 409-883-3461
Port Arthur: 409-983-8785
Silsbee: 409-385-3535
Vidor: 409-769-8718

Please note that: BEAUMONT ANIMAL SERVICES (run by the City of Beaumont) ONLY ACCEPTS ANIMALS from BEAUMONT CITIZENS. IF YOU DO NOT LIVE WITHIN THE BEAUMONT CITY LIMITS, BAS WILL NOT ACCEPT your animal. You may want to call them first at 838-3304. Their address is: 1884 Pine Street, Beaumont 77703.

Websites – enter zip code – contact rescues – Lost and Found Page

Facebook Pages

Lost and Found Pets of SE Texas, Animal Rescuers of Southeast Texas, Southeast Texas Pets, Animals of South East Texas, Rescues and Rehabilitators of SETX, 2nd Chance Animals in Southeast Texas, Pets of South-East Texas!, Lost and Found Pets of Lumberton TX, Safe Haven For Pets Of SETX, Vidor Pets, Friends of Animals Networking Groups, PAWS Beaumont, and Missing and Found Animals of SETX

Please, under no circumstances place the dog or cat online as “free to a good home.” Unfortunately, there are some people who take advantage of this phrase and animals enter into unsafe situations. Even asking for a small fee or meeting with the potential adopter at their veterinarian’s office will help ensure a safe and responsible home.

Pets not eligible for HSSET adoption program:

There are some pets that are not eligible for adoption through HSSET. These pets include

  • Animals who have been attack-trained
  • A pet showing aggressive or unsociable behavior during the admissions process
  • Any pet which our veterinary technicians determine to be physically unsuitable for adoption.

Will my pet find a good home through HSSET?

Pets at HSSET receive excellent care from trained HSSET staff and volunteers. All adoption applicants go through a review process to guarantee a good match between pet and family. All animals adopted from HSSET can be returned to the shelter at any time, where they will once again be put up for adoption. HSSET never puts a time limit on how long pets stay available for adoption and is committed to finding a home for every pet who has a reasonable chance of being a companion animal.

Costs of surrendering a pet

HSSET is a non-profit organization that does not receive any government funding but instead relies solely on the generosity of caring individuals. Adoption fees do not cover the entire cost of caring for the animals in our care. The average cost to care for a pet during their time at HSSET is $450.00. This includes medical expenses such as basic vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, microchipping, flea and tick control, as well as food and boarding. HSSET asks for a $25 surrender fee for single animals and a $10 surrender fee per animal for a litter of 2 or more animals to to help offset the cost of their first vaccines and exam. Animals who are current on vaccinations with documentation will have their surrender fees waived.

If you have not heard from us within 24 hours of filling out a surrender application, please feel free to contact us in regards to the status of your application. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide sanctuary to all cats and dogs in need but are here to assist you if possible. We ask that you please keep in mind that each day HSSET is doing their best to help both pets and people in our community and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

fill out a surrender application

Why do you charge a fee for intakes?

Intake fees help us cover the cost of veterinary treatment and routine daily care we provide each and every pet. While their adoption fees cover the larger portion of this, the intake helps tide us over between their admittance and adoption. While we would love to accept animals for free, please understand the services we provide are costly. We ask only for what is absolutely necessary for us to continue our work.

We are a private shelter funded only through donations. We do not receive any government funding.

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas receives funding only from the local community (and, rarely, the national community). In other words, we are funded solely through private donations. As such, we gain the benefit of being able to set our own regulations concerning what animals we take. This privilege has allowed us to loyally serve Southeast Texas since 1962. If you would like to turn your animal over to a city or government organization, we suggest your local Animal Control Facility.

My/A Feral cat/dog just had a litter I can’t take care of! Can you take them in?

Litter season is tough for everyone–we understand that all too well. The care that newborn kittens require can be overwhelming, especially for those with little experience. It is also overwhelming to the shelter’s limited resources and as such we must rely on our foster program to care for newborn kittens and puppies. It is difficult to say if there will be available space when the time comes, but we will do our best to help with the resources we have available.