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What’s heartworm disease? Transferred by mosquitos, after 6 months they grow into foot-long worms that live in your dogs heart, lungs, and blood vessels causing lung disease and heart failure. If left untreated heartworm disease is not only painful, but fatal.

Preventing heartworm disease? Preventing your dog from getting heartworms is VERY easy! You can purchase from your vet a monthly pill or a 6 month pro-heart shot. For more information on heartworm disease please visit American Heartworm Society   www.heartwormsociety.org/heartworms-in-dogs

Should you adopt a puppy, adult, or senior dog?

Puppies are enchanting little beings but require a lot of care and attention. Your puppy will need training; as your puppy learns and grows, the puppy will get into things, chew, and make messes. A puppy is a tremendous amount of work, much more than many unsuspecting adopters realize. But if you commit the time and energy into a puppy they will be worth all the hard work!

Adult dogs are wonderful if it’s your first dog, or if you do not have the time to train, socialize, and exercise a young or adolescent puppy properly. An adult may be a better option, when you choose an adult you have a good idea of what you’re getting and can get an idea of their basic temperament.

Senior dogs are an incredibly rewarding experience and result in a loving relationship. If you are concerned that an older dog won’t bond to you, don’t be, dogs are remarkably resilient and open-hearted. Dogs are never too old to love or be loved! https://www.petfinder.com/pet-adoption/dog-adoption/puppies-vs-senior-dog-adoption/

Take the quiz and find out what’s right for you! www.rover.com/blog/quiz-puppy-or-adult-dog/

Always research a breed before adopting to make sure they are compatible with your lifestyle!

Check out these tips on bringing home your new pet! https://resources.bestfriends.org/article/bringing-new-dog-home-preventing-problems

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