What Is a Foster Hero?

HSSET Foster Heroes provide temporary care for pets for a variety of reasons. HSSET typically needs foster homes for underage puppies or kittens, moms with litters of babies, and pets that are injured, sick, or scared. While HSSET Foster Heroes are focused on providing a loving home, HSSET will provide all the necessary supplies to care and support you in your foster journey!

Why Foster with HSSET?

  1. Fostering provides a safe and healthy environment for animals who need to heal, grow or get some extra TLC while looking for homes.

Whether you’re fostering tiny kittens or large dogs, many of these animals require your love and support to have the best chance of finding an adopter. When you foster, you help give them the space, experiences, and resources they need when going to a new home.

  1. Fostering animals helps create space for other animals in need.

Each and every animal at HSSET requires time and resources that could be stretched further if those animals were in foster homes. Foster Heroes help HSSET immeasurably!

  1. Fostering saves the lives of neonates.

Neonatal (zero to four weeks) and Pee-Wee (four to eight weeks) are considered an extremely vulnerable population as they often cannot survive without round-the-clock care. Having a Foster Hero with the supplies and training they need to care for these tiny babies can literally save their lives and help them become healthy, strong, and ready for adoption!

  1. Fostering introduces them to new pools of prospective adopters.

Fostered cats and dogs benefit greatly from exposure to their Foster Heroes friends and family, and can offer trusted assessments of their personality and needs. Not only is the Foster Hero their parent, but their publicist, too!

  1. Your life becomes a whole lot more interesting—and adorable!

Who wouldn’t want adorable animals around? Think of all the benefits: the companionship, the chance for a new routine, and best of all, the potential for the cutest snuggles ever! Becoming a Foster Hero is easy to weave into your everyday life and HSSET will provide you with everything you need.

Simply put, fostering saves lives.
The animals in your care can go on to loving homes, and HSSET will have more space and resources to help even more animals in need. It’s a win, win!


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Save a Life.