Foster a Pet

Open Your Heart and Home, Become A Foster Parent! 


What is fostering?

A Foster Family temporarily cares for a homeless pet in their home until that pet is adopted or ready to take residency at the shelter. Our shelter pets come to us through a variety of situations and walks of life, Foster Homes provide immediate comfort and stability. 


What do I need to become a Foster Parent?

The only thing you will need is a big heart and loving home! 

– Become the first step to a second chance.


Foster Opportunities: 

The Infantry:  

– Nursing Mothers 

– Bottle Babies (no mother and unable to survive on their own)

– Weaned (eating on their own but too young to live at the shelter)



We keep our shelter pets until they are adopted, however, this means we some pets spend months or years in our care. By fostering a long term shelter resident you are giving that animal the care and comfort of having a loving family while we continue to search for a home! 



Some shelter pets are just too scared and “shut down” but a foster family can be essential in bringing that pet out of their shell.


Golden Years:

Senior shelter pets do best in a home rather than at the shelter.

       – My face may be grey, but my heart is pure gold!  



Some shelter pets may require additional medical care or may be recovering from a surgery.

By becoming a Foster Family you not only save the life of the pet you are fostering, but you provide a space in the shelter needed to help another animal!

What about supplies?

HSSET will provide for the medical needs of the foster pet as well as supplies to care for your foster pet. (Ex: food, bowls, blankets, toys, crates, litter, etc.)

A short time in your home – a lifetime in your heart!


Canine Foster Application

Feline Foster Application

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