Canine Surrender Application

By completing this information, I declare UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I am the legal owner/agent of the animal(s) submitted. I have answered all the questions above to the best of my ability. I understand that once I surrender my animal(s) to the Humane Society of Southeast Texas, I relinquish all legal rights to said animal and to any information regarding the animal(s) surrendered and their disposition. I further understand that there is no time guarantee, or placement of the animal(s) surrendered and understand that the animal(s) shall be evaluated, and disposition determined at the discretion of the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.
Information on surrendering an animal to HSSET. Please read carefully before continuing.(Required)
Humane Society of Southeast Texas operates a “Closed Intake”, meaning that all of our intakes are done by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled after submitting an Intake Surrender Application. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact your local Animal Control. If you live outside of city limits, please contact your County Animal Control. While HSSET maintains a close working relationship with animal control facilities in the area, we are not legally allowed to pick up stray animals. Being a no kill rescue coupled with the high volume of Intake Surrender Applications, we are only allowed to take in animals as animals are adopted. We never euthanize any of our shelter animals to make space for new animals needing to be surrendered. Our Intake fees help mitigate a portion of the initial cost of vaccinating an animal. Our intake fees are $25 for a single animal, $25 per animal for groups over 12 weeks of age, $10 per animal for groups under 12 weeks of age. Intake appointments will include a health and behavioral exam of your pet, initial vaccines, and microchipping. Our fee for Rabies Vaccination Tag is $5. During this appointment, staff will gather information about your pet and complete an initial exam and evaluation.
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Has the animal ever bitten another person or animal?(Required)
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    Once your surrender application is submitted, please be advised that it can take up to 7 business days in order to process the application. During the application process our Intake Coordinator may contact you requiring further information. Please make sure to check your voicemail and email, including spam. HSSET is a non-profit, no kill shelter and we do not readily have space available. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact your local animal control facility or sheriff's department.(Required)
    I understand and acknowledge that submission of this application does not grant that my application will be approved and does not guarantee HSSET will be able to accommodate my animal.(Required)
    I understand that should the Humane Society of Southeast Texas accept my surrender application that I will be required to sign a legal document transferring the ownership of my animal to the Humane Society of Southeast Texas. I understand that I will be relinquishing all legal rights to the animal(s) and authorizing the Humane Society of Southeast Texas to do what they deem is best for the animal(s). I understand that I will not be called to discuss any information pertaining to the animal(s) after surrender.(Required)